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Hydrosil specializes in gas phase filtration using a variety of filtration medias such as modified zeolite, activated carbon, and impregnated activated alumina. Gas phase filtration is an invisible threat that cause millions of dollars in damages every year. To avoid the cost of replacing corroded computers/servers, and downtime due to malfunctioning equipment—it is vital to ensure corrosive gases are oxidized and made harmless. Gas phase filtration is generally found in between a pre-filter and a post-filter as described below.

  1. Pre-Filter: Designed to remove 5 μm and greater particles such as heavy dust, hair, insects, street debris, and sand. The pre-filter protects the gas phase filtration media
  2. Gas Phase Filter: This filter is typically a tray or module filled with media (e.g. HS-600 or XB-17) to adsorb or react with gaseous pollutants.
  3. Post Filter: Designed to filter out less than 5 μm particles such as allergens and mold. This type of filter may be a HEPA filter.

Gas phase filtration works to remove vapors through adsorption and chemisorption/reaction.  Adsorption is a surface phenomenon where molecules are trapped in the pore structure of a material (e.g. HS-AC). Chemisorption is a process that results in a chemical bond between the pollutants and the material (e.g. HS-600). Hydrosil’s filter media is extremely cost-effective and high-performing technology.











Air Pollutants Index

Do you know what pollutant you want to remove, but don’t know which product works best? Search your pollutant on Hydrosil’s Air Pollutants Index. From sulfur dioxide to cannabis odors—Hydrosil has you covered.



Common Industries Using Hydrosil Filter Media

  • National Museums
  • Health Care
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Construction Sites
  • Cannabis Grow Houses
  • Government & Military


Equipment Used with Gas Filtration Media

  • Thermo-Catalytic Oxidizers
  • Air Strippers
  • Carbon Vessels
  • Deep Bed Scrubbers
  • Manhole Scrubbers
  • Modules & Trays


Hydrosil’s Air Filter Product Line

Are you looking for refillable, disposable or custom trays, modules, or air housing units? Check out Hydrosil’s common filter products sold on our Air Filtration Product Page.

Media Life Analysis

Hydrosil is now offering testing services for air filtration media. Hydrosil has trained technicians to analyze media samples from air filters and air scrubbers. The key to successful air filtration is identifying and replacing media prior to breakthrough.

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