Vapor Phase, Impregnated Coal Pellet Activated Carbon

HS-AC-P-PO Vapor Phase, Impregnated Coal Pellet Activated Carbon

Hydrosil’s HS-AC-P-PO is coal based activated carbon in pelletized or extruded form. The amount of phosphoric impregnation shall be no less than 7% by weight on the media. Hydrosil’s HS-AC-P-PO is designed for vapor phase applications. The HS-AC-P-PO is high quality carbon with extraordinary surface area, fine pore structure, high density, and superior hardness.

The HS-AC-P-PO is used in a variety of odor control applications within the paper, food, biogas, process and wastewater treatment industries.

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Property: Value:
Iodine Number, mg/gm 1100 - 1200
Apparent Density, lb/ft3 36-38
Mesh Size, mm 4
Butane Number, % ww 27.5 (70 CTC)
Hardness, Min. (ASTM D-3802) 98
Moisture, Max % 3
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Common Applications:

  • Ammonia
  • Urea

Case Study:

Animal Clinic Odors

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