Liquid Phase, Pure Organoclay

HS-200 Liquid Phase, Pure Organoclay

Hydrosil’s HS-200 is commonly used to remove oil, heavy metals, and similar organics from water. The HS-200 series can remove 70% plus of its own weight in hydrocarbons; Therefore, its’ life inside a still bed is much longer than that of other filtration media such as granular activated carbon. The HS-200 series:

  • Does not swell upon water exposure;
  • Has more active ingredients per cubic foot than other organoclays;
  • Is cost effective and environmentally sound technology;
  • Does not support biological growth;
  • Can be custom blended; and
  • Prolongs life of activated carbon and resins thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Industries that use the HS-200 vary from environmental service companies to wastewater treatment facilities. The HS-200 is commonly used in oil water separators, frac tanks, pump and treat systems, condensate systems, stormwater run-offs, excavation and de-watering projects.

Downflow Pressure Drop Through a Backwashed and Stratified Bed


pH stable range4-10
Apparent Density, lb/ft 357-59
U.S. Standard Sieve Size (Mesh Size)8x14, 14x40
Thermally Stable, °F33-170
Mohs Scale4.0
Specific Surface, ft 2 /g431
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Common Applications:

  • Heavy Metals
  • Fats/Oils/Greases (FOG)
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)
  • BOD
  • COD
  • Various Hydrocarbons

Case Studies:

PFAS treatment at Air Force Base

Contaminated Stormwater Runoff

Economical Remediation Solution for Manufacturing Facility

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