RO Membrane Protection


What Happened:

Packaged reverse osmosis (RO) systems are commonly used across industry for wastewater treatment. RO systems/skids remove bacteria, salts, total dissolved solids, heavy metals, and various harmful chemicals from water. There are several parameters that should be monitored to identify fouling of a RO membrane. These parameters include silt density index, the pressure drop across the system, permeate flowrate, and percent rejection (TDS rejected by RO system). RO system manufacturers will often use a pretreatment system to reduce the amount of oily substances and harmful pollutants.

How Hydrosil Helped:

For pretreatment, Hydrosil typically provides HS-200 Organoclay Series to RO skid manufacturers to remove damaging pollutants. Hydrosil suggests that for properly configurating an RO system a complete cation and anion analysis of the water should be completed. 

Industry Type: Industrial Water Treatment

Pollutants: Heavy Metals, Salts, Cations, Anions

Media Used: HS-300, HS-200 Organoclay Series

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