Hydrosil International

Solving the World’s Pollutant Problems

Hydrosil is a Leading Producer of Odor, Corrosion & Water Control Media.

Hydrosil International

Solving the World’s Pollutant Problems

Hydrosil is a leading producer of odor, corrosion & water control media.

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Our Goal

Hydrosil helps industrial and remediation service companies solve vapor and liquid pollutant problems by providing custom filtration solutions.

Filtration Experts

Hydrosil’s trained staff will help identify the best possible solution to your problem. With the highest quality products, we help remedy the problem in a timely, professional, and economical way.

Designed For Your Project

Hydrosil is the leading supplier of filtration media including:

Hydrosil works with the customer every step of the way to ensure our filter media exceeds expectations. Starting with the design of the system we collaborate with the project managers, scientists, field supervisors to ensure the system is designed correctly for optimal performance.

Combatting Heavy
Metals in Wastewater

A metal plating company uses rust preventative in a cleaning bath resulting in a wastewater that contains suspended solids of 10-20 PPM oil, heavy metals, calcium and magnesium. The treatment system runs at 36 gpm and consists of a sand filter, bag filters, and ion exchange resin tank with a mixed bed...

Vinyl Chloride Plume Cleanup Via SVE

A consulting company was working on a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system which was remediating vinyl chloride (VC). SVE is a physical treatment for removing volatile compounds from soil. The vapor is extracted...

Proven Technology to Treat Difficult Contaminants

Common contaminants of concern (COC) that Hydrosil's filter media targets includes:

Hydrosil's products are sucessfully installed in treatment systems around the globe using a variety of vapor and liquid treatment units.

    • Groundwater Pump & Treat (GWPT)
    • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)
    • Brownfield Sites
    • Emergency Scrubbers
    • HVAC Systems
    • Phase I & II
    • Stormwater Run-Off
    • Tank Vents/Tank Cleanings
    • Process Water Reuse
    • Excavation and De-watering