Hydrosil International

Solving the World’s Pollutant Problems

Hydrosil is a Leading Producer of Odor, Corrosion & Water Control Media.

Hydrosil International

Solving the World’s Pollutant Problems

Hydrosil is a leading producer of odor, corrosion & water control media.

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About Hydrosil International

Hydrosil International is a global business helping companies solve air and water pollutant problems by providing custom filtration solutions. We are the leading supplier of filtration media such as organoclay, activated carbon, and specialty blends. Hydrosil's highly trained staff will help identify the best possible solution to your problem. We will provide you with the highest quality products to remedy the problem in a timely, professional, and economical way.
Our products are designed to maximize system life, process efficiency, process reliability, health and safety. Hydrosil has been manufacturing air and water filtration media for over 30 years. We have experience in projects ranging from soil vapor extraction to stormwater pump and treat. Contaminated wastewater is our specialty. We produce the highest quality products that will provide you with the ability to reduce hazardous pollutants in your waste water. Call Us Today! We can help. 

Combatting Heavy
Metals in Wastewater

A metal plating company uses rust preventative in a cleaning bath resulting in a wastewater that contains suspended solids of 10-20 PPM oil, heavy metals, calcium and magnesium. The treatment system runs at 36 gpm and consists of a sand filter, bag filters, and ion exchange resin tank with a mixed bed...