HS-Cannablend-Select SDS

Vapor Phase

HS-Cannablend-Select Vapor Phase

Hydrosil’s HS-Cannablend-Select is a proprietary blend of selective media for odor and volatile organic compounds (VOC) removal. This media is successful at removing terpenoids and terpenes from vapor phase. Terpenoids and terpenes are large organic compounds produced by cannabis plants. Hydrosil’s HS-Cannablend-Select does not promote bacterial or mold growth. This proprietary blend is designed specifically for cannabis grow houses but can be used in indoor cultivation facilities.

The HS-Cannablend-Select is commonly found in the final product handling rooms such as the curing/drying, cutting/deflowering, extraction, and packaging rooms. At the final product handling rooms the odors described as floral, fruity, pungent, or even skunky are strongest.

For more information on Hydrosil’s air filtration equipment for HS-Cannablend-Select, take a look at our trays, modules, canisters page. The media itself is typically provided in one cubic foot boxes (33 lbs/box), drums, or supersacks.


HS-Cannablend-Select Pressure Drop


Property: Value:
CCl 4 Activity, Min. (ASTM D-3467) 60
Proprietary active ingredient, % wt. min. 6.0
Bulk Density, lb/ft 3 32-34
Hardness, Min. (ASTM D-3802) 95.0
Particle Size 4 x 8
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Common Applications:

  • Pesticides
  • Terpenoids
  • Terpenes
  • Cannabis Odors
  • Fertilizers

Case Study:

Shutdowns for Skunky Smells

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