Shutdowns for Skunky Smells



The smell of marijuana is a growing concern across Canada and the U.S. The pungent aroma of harvesting cannabis is causing major complaints by residents which law enforcement is cracking down on. One of the largest growing facilities in the U.S was ordered to shut down due to the amounts of complaints by local residents. 

Hydrosil has provided HS-Cannablend-Select to customers (industry use and filter manufacturers) to help keep facilities in compliance. The HS-Cannablend-Select is utilized in filters to capture the odors that cannabis gives off (terpenes and teraponids). The terpenes that are detectable by nose are limonene and pinene. Hydrosil provides the HS-Cannablend-Select which has been proven to drastically reduce these odors to nondetectable levels. 

Industry Type: Cannabis Grow House

Pollutants: Teraponids, Terpenes (Limonene, Pinene), Fertilizer VOCs

Media Used: HS-Cannablend-Select

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