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HS-100 Liquid Phase, Zeolite

Hydrosil’s HS-100 is a granular natural zeolite. The HS-100 has a high capacity for removing ammonia from liquid phase. Zeolite filtration has also shown better performance than other medias such as sand and sand/anthracite media for particle filtration. The HS-100 is found in aquariums, residential drinking water filtration, wastewater treatment, stormwater treatment, mining trailing ponds, and agriculture industry. The HS-100 product is NSF 61 Certified for drinking water applications.

What is Zeolite?

There are roughly 40 types of natural occurring zeolites in the world.  Natural zeolites are formed from sedimentary rocks or volcanoes which are essentially hydrated aluminosilicate minerals. There are 150 plus types of synthetic zeolites which are artificially made for specific purposes. Synthetic zeolites are manufactured to have uniform structure. Zeolites are hard solids which have high melting points. The material is unreactive and made with naturally occurring minerals. Zeolites are used in a variety of ways including water softeners, pet litter, catalysts, concrete production, and remediation.

Pressure Drop


Property: Value:
pH stable range 1-13
Apparent Density, lb/ft 3 49-51
U.S. Standard Sieve Size (Mesh Size) 8x14
Max Thermally Stable, °F 1202
Mohs Scale 4.0
Specific Surface, ft 2 /g 431
Si:Al molar ratio 4.9
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Common Applications:

  • Ammonia

Case Study:

Food Processing Plant with High Ammonia

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