50/50 Organoclay & Anthracite Coal

HS-250 50/50 Organoclay & Anthracite Coal

Hydrosil’s HS-250 is a 50/50 blend by volume of pure organoclay, HS-200, and 6 x 30 tyler mesh anthracite coal. This media is effective at removing oil, heavy metals, and similar organics from water. The HS-200 is designed to remove fats, oils, greases and various hydrocarbons. The anthracite is of the highest quality of coal with extraordinary hardness and works well with high service flow rates.

The HS-250 is found in a variety of industries including wastewater treatment, industrial manufacturing, and food and beverage. The Hydrosil blend is typically loaded in drums or tanks for easy pump and treat.

Downflow Pressure Drop Through a Backwashed and Stratified Bed

Typical Physical Properties

pH stable range4-10
Apparent Density, lb/ft343-45
U.S. Standard Sieve Size (Mesh Size)8x14, 14x40
Thermally Stable, °F33-170
Mohs Scale4.0
Specific Surface, ft2/g431
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Common Applications:

  • Heavy Metals
  • Fats/Oils/Greases (FOG)
  • Various Hydrocarbons

Case Study:

Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

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