Liquid Phase, Modified Organoclay

hs-275 Liquid Phase, Low MW Organoclay

Hydrosil’s HS-275 is an impregnated granular zeolite that is specifically designed to remove lower molecular weight hydrocarbons. The product is similar to HS-200; However works on removing lower molecular weight organics. Hydrosil’s HS-275 is used in salt water disposal sites, wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis systems, refineries, and manufacturing facilities.

What is Organoclay?

Organoclay, is a sorbent media which is designed to remove organic components. The media is a naturally occurring mineral (commonly zeolite or bentonite clay) which is chemically alternated to create a unique surface on the mineral. The modified surface is designed to create a strong affinity with organic compounds, meaning the media is organophilic. The surface of the media forms a surfactant bilayer which attracts ionic species. Ionic species are components that in solution are grouped as either anionic (anions) or cationic (cations). Anions have a negative charge and cations have a positive charge.


Pressure Drop


Property: Value:
pH stable range 4-10
Apparent Density, lb/ft 3 53-56
U.S. Standard Sieve Size (Mesh Size) 8 x 14
Thermally Stable, °F 33-170
Mohs Scale 4.0
Specific Surface, ft 2 /g 431
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Common Applications:

  • Low Molecular Weight Hydrocarbons