Vapor Phase, Ammonia Removal

HS-100-PO Vapor Phase, Ammonia Removal

Hydrosil’s HS-100-PO is a molecular sieve of zeolite with impregnated with phosphoric acid. HS-100-PO is specially designed for removing ammonia from vapor phase systems. The theoretical removal for ammonia with HS-100-PO is 4.32 percent weight. The phosphoric acid reacts with the ammonia in an acid-base neutralization.

Typically, the HS-100-PO is found in pulp and paper mills, industrial manufacturers, chemical processing plants, animal clinics/zoos, and semiconductor plants.

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Property: Value:
Phosphoric acid, % wt. min. 12.5
Bulk Density, lb/ft 3 55-61
Moisture, % avg. 15
Mohs Scale 4.0
Specific surface area, m 2 /g 40
Particle Size 4 x 8
Si:Al 4.9
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Common Applications:

  • Ammonia

Case Studies:

Semiconductor Plant

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