Increasing Analyzer Run Time



A plant had a flue gas desulfurization (FGD) unit to remove sulfur dioxide from the flue gas before being discharged to the environment. The environmental group at the facility had continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) located near the point of discharge measuring various pollutants in flue gas stream. The facility was noticing issues with ammonia reacting with sulfur dioxide in the CEMS which would than produce an ammonium salt. The salt was causing significant down time of the analyzer. 

Hydrosil provided the facility with HS-100-PO to install in the CEMS inlet scrubbers. The HS-100-PO is an ammonia scrubbing media that will remove the ammonia before reacting, cooling, and forming salt. 

Industry Type: Chemical Plant

Pollutants: Ammonia, Ammonium Salt

Media Used: HS-100-PO

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