Why Gas Phase Pollution Control

Hydrosil International Limited is a leading producer of Odor, Corrosion and Water control media.

Discussion of Pollutant/Corrosive Gases

The use of chemicals or process reactions results in the creation of various corrosive gases. Some are detectable through normal human sense and others are identifiable only through technical tests. Virtually all corrosive gases under normal relative humidity will increase the rate of deterioration of expensive capital equipment in control rooms, computer installations and/or other sites, as well as inventory and other company assets. In some cases, losses are quick and dramatic. In others, the time horizon is longer and the effect more subtle. In all occurrences, down time, lost product and unnecessary capital and ongoing expenses arise.

To identify if these conditions are occurring in your environment, two methods can be used. The first is to observe the replacement timing and cost for the capital equipment, ie. computers, transmitters, receivers & switchgears. If the equipment is seeing heightened service due to electrical failure and (by closer inspection) corrosion is occurring at contact points of electrical connectors you have a corrosion problem. The second method is to analyze the air over an extended period of time using a corrosion coupon. A corrosion coupon consists of a silver and/or copper strip mounted on a Plexiglas holder. These coupons can be purchased. To determine if the atmosphere is corrosive, place the coupons in the areas of interest, continuing activities as normal.

After an exposure period, typically 30 days, the coupons are returned to an independent laboratory for determination of type (s) and levels of pollutants present. The independent lab will analyze the coupons and inform you of the results. The Instrument Society of America classifies environments as mild, moderate, harsh or severe depending on the levels identified on the coupons. Ideally your environment should be at a mild status. If the level of reactivity on the copper and/or silver coupons places the atmosphere in a severe, harsh, high, or moderate condition, a gas phase filter system is suggested.

Hydrosil will be pleased to assist you in the identification of any pollutant gases that may be present and help you select a cost effective filter system (if necessary) and/or identify and provide the appropriate pollutant gas removal media.

List of some industries currently using gas phase, air, or liquid filtration media.

Pulp and Paper Mills
control of hydrogen sulfide, sulfur oxides, mercaptans, chlorine, chlorine dioxide and other compounds

control of organic and inorganic pollutants

Chemical Plants
same as refineries

Waste Water Treatment Facilities
removal of hydrogen sulfide, sulfur oxide, mercaptans, skatole and indole

Water Treatment Facilities
bulk systems for chlorine emergency off gas systems

Steel and Related Metal/Alloy Producers
variety of pollutants are removed and/or controlled

minimizing exposure of fruits, vegetables and flowers to ethylene (natures ripening agent)

Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens
removal of acrolein odors

Airports and Heliports
eliminating jet and de-icing fumes from concourses and tarmac

protecting treasures and valuables from various pollutants

Various Other Municipal and Commercial Entities
variety of pollutants unique to their operation are minimized, controlled or eliminated