Environmental Remediation

Removing Contaminants from Groundwater, Soil, and Surface Water

Environmental Remediation

Hydrosil has experience in environmental remediation projects of over 20 years. This experience predominantly falls in the pump and treat method of removing contaminants. Pump and treat systems involve pumping contaminated water through a series of vessels that are filled with filtration media (i.e. activated carbon). Hydrosil works with the customer to ensure that the series of vessels has the correct media to remove the contaminants of concern with the appropriate contact time. We manufacture bulk media to remove dissolved organics, dissolved minerals, oils and greases, and special organics.

Hydrosil has a wide range of filtration medias available to remove inorganic and organic species. Go ahead and send Hydrosil your air or water analysis and we will help identify what media fits your needs. Hydrosil will provide the best solution for your problem based on your water or air analysis and any other important variables. Not all projects are the same; Therefore, to meet every pollutant problem Hydrosil manufactures customized blends. Contact us at sales@hydrosilintl.com to obtain a sample for your treatability study today!

Common Applications:

  • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)
  • Brownfield Sites
  • Pump & Treat Systems
  • Stormwater Run-Off
  • Oil Spills
  • Construction Sites
  • Process Water Reuse
  • Excavation and De-watering

Water Filtration:

Free Standing Mode: Used on its own, Hydrosil’s media can be loaded in drums or large vessels for use as an efficient bed filtration medium. Other applications include tank cleaning, oil spill mitigation, stormwater run-off, pond clean-up, excavation and de-watering, manufacturing/chemical processes, and lining/capping projects.

Pre-Treatment Mode: Media is used upstream to enhance the performance and extend the useful life of other filtration processes and media such as reverse osmosis (RO), activated carbon, activated alumina, and resins. Fouling of RO systems is not uncommon due to the presence of silica, oil, and heavy metals.

Post-Treatment Mode:  Media is utilized downstream of an oil-water separator or coalesce filter, has the ability to act as an effective cleaning and polishing agent.

Air Filtration:

  • Air Strippers
  • Carbon Vessels
  • Deep Bed Scrubbers
  • Thermo-Catalytic Oxidizers
  • HVAC Systems
  • Drum Scrubbers
  • Panel Filters
  • Emergency Gas Scrubbers
  • Tank Vents/Tank Cleanings

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Case Studies:

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Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Odors at Science Museum

PFAS treatment at Air Force Base

Food Processing Plant with High Ammonia

Contaminated Stormwater Runoff

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