Contaminated Stormwater Runoff




A facility was out of compliance due to the treatment equipment being obsolete. The facility was struggling to stay in compliance with the state regulations for heavy metals, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and total suspended solids (TSS) among other constituents. 

A contactor used Hydrosil’s media to initially complete an in-house and in-field pilot test. The testing with the contaminated water was proven to be successful. The contractor then implemented the HS-200 Organoclay Series and HS-AC in two separate mobile skids which successfully treated the water. 

Industry Type: Industrial Stormwater Runoff  

Pollutants: Heavy Metals, Hydrocarbons, Organics, BOD, COD, PCB, and TSS

Media Used: HS-200 Organoclay Series, HS-AC Water, HS-ACR

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