Airport Fumes



Airports have plenty of sources of pollution: pushback trucks, food trucks, cleaning crew vehicles, baggage carts, buses, restaurants, jet engines, and bathrooms. Not only are the odors created by these pollutants, but some are dangerous to human health. The unburned hydrocarbons created from jet engine exhaust can easily be brought into the terminals where passengers await their flights. HS-AC filters installed in air handling systems at airports scrub out diesel odors, jet fumes, restaurant odors, and other VOCs and odors created from day-to-day activities at the airport. 

Hydrosil has supplied airports across the country with gas phase filters for their air handling units. Due to the cost of disposing/regenerating media, Hydrosil has offered its’ dump and refill services. Hydrosil’s dump and refill services will remove the spent filtration media, dispose of it, and refill the filter with new filtration media. 

Industry Type: Airport

Pollutants: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), VOC, HAP, Odors

Media Used: HS-AC

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