Rotten Egg Odors


Refineries are known for having high concentrations of sulfur in their waste streams. A refinery located near the Appalachian Mountains had exhaust vents on a system that discharged high concentrations of total reduced sulfur (TRS) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Although the facility was incompliance majority of the time—the vents would detect spiked concentrations of H2S up 0.5 ppb. Not only were these concentrations unsafe for workers, but the facility was receiving complaints from nearby residents regarding the rotten egg/cooked cabbage odors due to the TRS. 

Hydrosil suggested a custom blend which included HS-600 and HS-AC-P-HS 0.3g/cc. This blend would remove both the unsafe H2S and odorous TRS (sulfur dioxide and methyl mercaptans) that were being vented to the atmosphere. 

Industry Type: Oil Refinery 

Pollutants: H2S, SO2, Methyl Mercaptans, TRS

Media Used: HS-AC-P-HS 0.3g/cc, HS-600

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