VC Monomer Removal in Exhaust

A resin manufacturer was discharging an air stream from a mixing tank. They were experiencing high levels of vinyl chloride monomer 1 ppm during normal conditions and 300 ppm during upset conditions.

Hydrosil suggested an air filtration unit that could handle the 4,000 cfm of vinyl chloride contaminated air they were moving from the tank. The system had two passes of 3″ bed depth of HS-600. Hydrosil’s HS-600 is designed to target the VC monomer.  For more information on the chemistry of HS-600 and vinyl chloride monomer click the link here: Reaction For Removal of Vinyl Chloride Using Potassium Permanganate | HS-600 | Hydrosil International (

Industry Type: Resin Manufacturer

Pollutants: Vinyl Chloride

Media Used: HS-600

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