It is well known that the use of the blowing agent monofluortrichlormethane, also called Freon 11 or R-11, for the production of polyurethane foam is highly disadvantageous in that R-11 has a decomposing effect on the ozone layer around our planet. In spite of a vast scientific research it has not so far been possible to provide a practically usable substitute for R-11, but such a substitute of a simple nature is provided by the invention. According to the invention use is made of a mixture of specific substances, which are generally undangerous in use and also otherwise advantageous, but the boiling points of which are so remote from the usual working temperature that each one of the substances will be totally unusable for the purpose. The two primary substances are 1.1.1.trichloroethane and R-22 with boiling points 75°-76° C. and -41° C., respectively; when these substances are mixed and are mixed into the compound to be foamed the process conditions will widely correspond to the use of R-11, though further advantages are achievable.

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