Isopropyl Acetate

Isopropyl acetate is an ester, an organic compound which is the product of esterification of acetic acid and isopropanol. It is a clear, colorless liquid with a characteristic fruity odor.[1]

Isopropyl acetate is a solvent with a wide variety of manufacturing uses that is miscible with most other organic solvents, and moderately soluble in water. It is used as a solvent for celluloseplasticsoil and fats. It is a component of some printing inks[1] and perfumes.

Isopropyl acetate decomposes slowly on contact with steel when exposed to air producing acetic acid and isopropanol. It reacts violently with oxidizing materials and it attacks many plastics.[2]

Isopropyl acetate is quite flammable in both its liquid and vapor forms, and it may be harmful if swallowed or inhaled.[3]

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