Pilot System for Refinery




A refinery was having new waste-water discharge limits coming into place. Over the years the refinery had maintained compliance below the new limits majority of the time; However, occasionally the waste-water would have spikes of hydrocarbons up to 25 ppm. The refinery contacted an environmental service company to put together a system which would ensure they would always operate in compliance.

The environmental service company contacted Hydrosil to implement the HS-250-AC in the system to remove the hydrocarbons to less than 1 ppm. The system designed consisted of a particulate filter and the HS-250-AC. The system is being used as the permanent modification until the facility can modify the process to improve water discharge concentrations. 

Industry Type: Refinery

Pollutants: Hydrocarbon, particulate, oil

Media Used: HS-250-AC

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