A state agency was enforcing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS and PFOS) discharge limits of 400 ug/L. To meet this limit, the state was working with an environmental remediation service company to come up with a solution so groundwater could be discharged. The groundwater contained 1,600 ug/L of PFAS and 32 ug/L of PFOA.

Hydrosil suggested the HS-PF followed by HS-AC. The remediation company implemented these medias in series which resulted in a reduction of pollutants below 44 ng/L. The HS-PF cleaned up remaining metals and total aliphatic hydrocarbons (TAH) as well as PFAS. The HS-PF is an economical solution which does the heavy lifting. HS-PF followed by an activated carbon or resin makes an efficient and cost effective remediation system.

Industry Type: Groundwater

Pollutants: PFAS, PFOA, TAH, Metals

Media Used: HS-PF, HS-AC

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