Phosphorus Dewatering Project


An environmental service company was contracted to treat the contaminated groundwater from a construction site. The water contained 304 ug/L of phosphorus with a reporting limit of 10 ug/L and permit limit of 0.05 mg/L.

Hydrosil was contacted for an inquiry on the HS-300 which would remove phosphorus. The contractor completing the service work ran testing on the HS-300 and the contaminated water which resulted in concentrations that were non-detect.

Following testing, the system was put into service at a flowrate of the system was 300 gpm with 13-minute empty bed contact time.

Pollutant Influent (ug/L) Post HS-300 Treatment (ug/L) Reporting Limit (ug/L)
Phosphorus 304 4.2 10
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