Jar Test For Water Pollutants



The purpose of this test is to determine if the pollutants have any removal with a media. To conduct this test you will need approximately 2 liters of the polluted solution, one glass container and Hydrosil removal media.

Conduct tests to determine the pollutants present and concentrations on the polluted water.  This is done as a base line.  Place the Hydrosil media into the glass container and rinse the media with tap water 4 times.  This allows the media to be hydrated and flushed of small particles.  Once the media has been drained pour in the polluted water to the top portion of the media, do not fill the container past the level of the media.  Let the polluted water/media remain in contact for 15 minutes.  Pour out the media and test for presence and concentrations of the pollutants.

If the media was able to remove the pollutants with a 15 minute contact time.  The media should work to remove the pollutants in your system.

The media and water should be disposed of accordance with local, state and federal laws.

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