Economical Remediation for Manufacturing Facility



A medium sized manufacturer located in western Michigan was visited by the local sanitary district inspectors. The purpose of the visit was to locate the source(s) of contamination that upset their biological treatment system. It was discovered that their compressor condensate contained approximately 35% by volume of free oil. Even though the amount of contaminated water was not enough to have caused the upset, it triggered enough concern that the inspector locked out the discharge source. The highly concentrated oily water was a significant cause of elevated levels of BOD, COD and oil and grease in the discharge water.  The facility was advised to remediate the situation immediately or face a total shut down of their manufacturing.  

The problem was quickly solved by placing Hydrosil’s HS-200 Condensate Remediation Paks at every compressor condensate discharge. The Paks were chosen for their ease of installation and low maintenance requirements.

Industry Type: Metals Manufacturing

Pollutants: Oily Condensate, BOD, COD, grease

Media Used: HS-200

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