Discharge Limit Challenges for Small Business



Without connection to sewer lines, three fabricators are presented with challenges in processing manufacturing discharge. These fabricators are required to have discharge limits for oil and grease of no more than 5 PPM before discharging to surface water. To alleviate the challenges brought by not having sewer lines, HS-200 was added to their process.  The fabricators each pressure wash tubing to remove light oil. Once the facility cleans the finished products, the water passes through a 10-micron filter bag, followed by a drum of HS-200 at 1/4 gpm. The concentration of the inflow is 30-50 PPM oil and grease. After the introduction of HS-200 into the process, the outflow meets discharge standards and the filtration vessels lasting about a year provide the fabricator with a long-term cost-efficient solution.

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