Cu Removal in Groundwater



Contaminated groundwater was being treated using an air stripper, bag filters, and granular activated carbon. The system was initially designed to remove trichloroethylene (TCE) by the air stripper and remaining 10 ug/L was being taken up by the granular activated carbon (GAC). The system was not removing all the constituents necessary such as copper. The system was treating the water at 50 gallons per minute, and a concentration of copper < 5 ug/L. Occasionally the copper was spiking to 20 ug/L; Therefore, another step in treatment needed to be taken.

Hydrosil recommended the HS-MT.  The HS-MT is 50/50 blend of HS-200 and modified earth. The blend has a high capacity for copper and some of the other constituents such lead and zinc that were found in the groundwater. The groundwater was successfully remediated with a vessel filled with HS-MT followed by HS-AC to remove the pollutants in a timely and economical way.

Industry Type: Industrial

Pollutants: Copper, Zinc, Lead, Trichloroethylene

Media Used: HS-MT, HS-AC

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