Construction Workers Concerned of Toxic Fumes



A construction site was experiencing high levels of methyl methacrylate used in a polymer that was used in concrete. The construction site was also seeing levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). The construction site setup air handling units around the construction site to purify the air and make it a safe working environment. They were using activated carbon, but were not seeing a significant change in methyl methacrylate concentrations. 

Hydrosil suggested running some tests using a variety of medias (HS-600, XB-17, and HS-AC-P-KOH). After testing the client had seen significant consumption of the media and a reduction in methyl methacrylate concentrations. 

Industry Type: Construction Site

Pollutants: Methyl methacrylate, VOCs, HAPs

Media Used: HS-600, HS-AC-P-KOH

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