Antimony in Water

Antimony (Sb) is naturally occurring in small quantities in water. Drinking water standards for antimony is 6 ppb. High levels of antimony are commonly found near coal burning and petroleum refineries, fire retardants, ceramics, and electronic manufacturers.  EPA recommends treating antinomy with coagulation/physical filtration and reverse osmosis. Hydrosil recently worked with a company on treating high levels of anatomy and they tried both treating the contaminated water with ferric chloride and pumping and treating it with HS-250-AC. See results below to understand how well HS-250-AC works when treating antimony.

Raw Water 5 ppm Ferric Chloride 10 ppm Ferric Chloride 20 ppm Ferric Chloride HS-250-AC
Antimony, Total (mg/L) 0.155 0.145 0.142 0.139 0.02
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