Air Filtration for Air Compressor

Maintaining a healthy air compressor starts with treating the air that the compressor uses. In order to treat this air facilities will install air intake filters packed with activated carbon (HS-AC) or custom blend to treat specific contaminates of concern such as potassium permanganate (HS-600).

Air Intake Filters are positioned at the entrance to where atmospheric air is brought into the compressor. The air intake filters generally start with a particulate filter that will treat large particulate such as dust, pollen, and large debris. Behind this pre filter, an adsorption filter or gas phase filter is in place to clean the air of unwanted vapors, hazardous gases, and unwanted fumes.

Gas phase filtration is an invisible threat that cause millions of dollars in damages every year. To avoid the cost of replacing corroded computers/servers, compressors, and downtime due to malfunctioning equipment—it is vital to ensure corrosive gases are oxidized and made harmless using adsorption or gas phase filtration.

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