Condensate Treatment – Filter Media

Condensate treatment is part of every power plant, refinery, chemical manufacturer, and any facility that uses stream. Typically the condensate is recycled back into the boiler feed water where it is routed through boiler tubes for continued boiler use. Recycling condensate is a common practice which decreases the amount of water disposal, but can be costly if not designed correctly.

By not treating the condensate that goes back into your boiler feed water you are introducing high concentrations of pollutants that came off of leaking pumps, valves, and piping to your boiler tubes. When these pollutants (hydrocarbons and minerals) are introduced to the boiler tubes they will deposit on the surface which will reduce the heat transfer and overall reducing the boiler efficiency.

Hydrosil works with condensate treatment manufacturers and users on providing a specialty blend of filter material for treating the pollutants that are commonly found in condensate.

The condensate treatment blend of filter media uses organoclay and activated carbon to trap the contaminates in its’ pore structure. To learn more information regarding Hydrosil’s condensate treatment please contact us at 847-844-0680 or [email protected].

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